since 2006


From 2006–2013 I have been working full-time for The University of Auckland, New Zealand. One of my main responsibilities was to administer Moodle for the Faculty od Education. Moodle is an open source online learning environment.

Skills and expertise in e-Learning and Moodle

  • Leading the implementation, ongoing support and development/customisation of Moodle 1 and Moodle 2 at the Faculty of Education of the University of Auckland, transfer and training of user base from previous LMS WebCT (2007)
  • Experience in delivering effective face-to-face and online training sessions for learning management system (LMS) Moodle and other systems in the educational context for staff professional development and student training
  • Creation of training materials for LMSs and related systems (print, online, video podcasts)
  • Researching appropriate LMS modules and customisation or development work to support needs of lecturers, classes, programmes, students and research groups
  • 6+ years experience in Moodle administration in a tertiary environment, supporting and training academic and professional staff members and students with varying levels of online and computer literacy
  • Support of Moodle implementations for other departments and institutions
  • Development of an automatic Moodle user enrolment system for the Faculty of Education (Moodle 1) and consultancy for the development of a similar system for Moodle 2
  • Experience in Moodle server / web server administration (LAMP / WAMP)
  • Knowledge of ePortfolio system Mahara
  • Development of themes for LMSs and content management systems (CMSs) for screen, print, tablet and mobile with a strong focus on usability and user interface improvements
  • Good knowledge of LMS Blackboard through my role as an eSupport Officer at the University of Sydney (School of Public Health)


In 2009 I won the University of Auckland 2009 General Staff Excellence Award for Excellence in Innovation which is conferred by the Vice Chancellor annually to one staff member across the entire University.


"Anatol led the technological implementation, customisation, improvement and maintenance of the online learning management system (LMS) Moodle for the Faculty of Education. He managed the transfer of existing online courses from the legacy system and the creation of new courses in the LMS.

He also provides ongoing support and training for staff and students. He created a student management system that is essential to the implementation of the new e-learning environment and developed a CD-ROM generator for readings CDs.

He engages in ongoing research into technology and media that is innovative and useful for teaching and learning and that helps to keep the University up-to-date and competitive in the tertiary sector."

Anatol Bogun
phone: +61.(0)9.480 4200
mobile: +61.(0)21.035 0176