Boneyard City

Boneyard City is a mobile app framework for interactive picture books.

The prototype is fully functional and very flexible for use with any 2D graphics. Features include:

  • Native target platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, HTML5, Flash, XBox 360, Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Fully object oriented development
  • Various page turn methods
  • Visual and easy to use cover flow inspired table of contents
  • App settings: show/hide text, narrator on/off, auto play, page turn options, separate volume options for music, sound effects and narration, language options (affects written and spoken text)
  • Text in any language or character set (including right-to-left reading direction)
  • Voice over module and option to highlight and speak individual words
  • Particle systems (2D and 3D space) with various emitters specifically developed for mobile device performance
  • Forces for physics behaviour of sprites and particles, e.g. gravity, drag, drift, point, magnetism (2D and 3D space)
  • Flexible gesture and touch recognition
  • Full use of accelerometer and other device hardware
  • Auto-saves the page and all changes made by the user, including buttons, light switches, etc.
  • Powerful sound engine with options to move sound in 3D space (e.g. for sprites)
  • 2D and 3D vectors
  • automatically adjusts to any screen size
  • Option for several custom image resolutions for best experience across all devices, from first generation to retina
  • Sprites, buttons, sprite sheets, wallpapers, and much more ...

Developed from scratch. Made with Monkey X.

Programming, image/sound editing and 3D asset development by Anatol Bogun.

All illustrations by Philip Peacocke.

Video also available in HD on Vimeo and Youtube.

Anatol Bogun
phone: +61.(0)9.480 4200
mobile: +61.(0)21.035 0176
email: anatol@nugob.org